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Corn Tortilla, Ramden Noodle chocolate?! These quirky but clean cut posters caught my attention straight away when I saw them on coolhunting. These aren�t your average chocolate bar, they have a soft ganache-like texture, not to mention the interesting flavours!

  • Tortilla with Lime (Crispy corn tortilla, lime and sea salt infused in premium milk chocolate)
  • Ramen Noodle (crunchy, curly ramen noodle mixed with rich dark chocolate)
  • French Toast (premium milk chocolate mixed with pieces of crunchy, savoury french toast).

I am all in for the Ramen Noodle! Who doesn’t like dark chocolate with crunchy bits in it? Check them out on Komforte Chockolates!


Indian is one of my FAVOURITES food of all time!

Me and my boyfriend decided to revisit the restaurant where I had my very first real tandoori chicken and from that day’….. I was HOOKED!

I moved out of that area not long after my first tandoori experience and I haven’t been back for 2-3 years now. Unfortunately when we got there, we couldnt find the restaurant anywhere, so it must have closed down 😦

But we quickly spotted another Indian place just up the road, so we decided to give that a goal! The food was great but what really caught my eyes were their 30+ selections of Indian cakes and sweets!

Even being a big fan of Indian cuisine, I have actually never had any of their desserts before (wait, does mango lassi count??lol) We were only gonna tried a couple of them but got talked into getting half the kilo! Don’t ask me how that happened!

There were all different kinds of cakes and slices, I had NO idea what they were and which ones to get but the girl at the restaurant was kind enough to go through them all and recommended us the popular ones that we might like.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is among India’s most popular desserts! The girl at the shop said we MUST try this one! It gets its name from two words: Gulab which means rose (for the rose flavored syrup) and Jamun that is a kind of deep purple colored Indian berry.


Barfi is made from condensed milk, gram flour, cardamom powder and sugar. There are many varieties of it, eg, chocolate barfi, coconut barfi and plain ones (these are the ones that we got!) It is often flavoured with fruit or nuts.

Rasgulla is soft, spongy balls of cottage cheese soaked in chilled sugar syrup. They come in all different shapes and colours but all have the same flavour.

We finally got home, made ourselves a cup of green tea, ready to dig in! I have to say these sweets are really quite sweet, I couldn’t finish a whole piece, but it was perfect when you are sharing! But boyfriend thought they were excellent! He loves the syrupy sweetness and the texture of these cakes. He describes these desserts as GENIUS!! I guess he must really love it!

You can find these Indian Sweets at Jaipur Curry Club, 35 Carinish Rr, Clayton, Victoria. Each cake/slice ranges from $1.80 – $2.50, or you can purchase them by kilo. We got 8 types of  sweets (half a kilo) for about $10, its a really good way to try out their massive selections!

Even in this freezing weather in Melbourne, when I came across this post on coolhunting about this hand crafted gelato store ‘Popbar‘ in New York, and my mouth just started to dribble…. ..

Made daily from fresh fruit and ingredients that are directly shipped from Italy, these gelato popsicles are hard to resist! You can even make up your own stick! mmm….. dark chocolate….brownie chunks…..hazelnuts?

Bring on summer! (why is it only the second day of winter?…..)


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