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I have always wanted to make a black forest cake, but for some reason, this cake really intimates me! It was one of Andy’s bestie birthday coming up, so I decided to give the cake a go! Plus I know Andy is gonna help me on this one, he can do all the messy dishes for me!

I did make this cake back in Nov last year and I have lost the recipe that I used! Can you believe it?? Actually I can believe that….! But I still want to post up some pictures of my cake 😉

This cake was delicious! Each cake layer brushed with cherry syrup and I especially LOVE the cream and cherry combo!! I want to go back in time and have another piece! I definitely have to find the recipe again!!

I love an afternoon tea, I love to bake for afternoon tea even more! This time I made some mini lemon curd cupcakes, mini eclairs and some bite size brownies! The trick is to make everything miniature and bite size, so you can fit more different goodies into the yummy and also feel less guilty!

The eclairs were a big hit! Try it out! (they use the same recipe as my Cream Puff Post, just pipe the choux pastry into a long shape and bake away!)

Pretty damn cool cake!

I love the subtle shinny/sparkly fondant and the colour is just perfect!

I love SLR and I love CAKE!

This is seriously COOL!!

Found on Gessato

From left(flavours): Strawberry, milk chocolate, rose, hazelnut

Macaroons! I have finally jumped on the bandwagon as of Friday nite! The first time I had macaroons was about 3 years ago and they tasted horrible! They were overly sweet, had no flavours at all, all I could taste was sugar! And after that I just lost all interested in this little round shape French cookies.

But these ones from Lindt, they were just amazing!! They are not only just perfect looking with the perfect soft chewy texture, but the flavours! Oh my, the flavours were incredible! I cant believe I am going through life without them!!

Next Mission : To bake the perfect macaroon! (probably will take me forever to master this one!)

Recently discover this online cupcakes store Sugadeaux base in Melbourne, with flavours like the ‘hangover’ cupcake (cinnamon cupcake with maple syrup frosting and bacon crumbles), blood orange poppy, toffee apple, cosmopolitan, they are the cupcake store to look out for! Although Sugadeaux doesn’t have a store front yet, their cupcakes are available at selected cafes and you can order them online!

And this month for one day only 13th August (Friday)– Sugadeaux is offering a special sample pack of 5 cupcakes in 5 different flavours! Carmel popcorn, strawberry shortcake, licorice, salted caramel and chocolate crackle. They are available for purchase by pre-order for $20. I love the idea of the Carmel popcorn & strawberry shortcake cupcakes!

I found this amazing food stylist Linda Lundgren from Sweden on Toxel, she has this new cool image series of food products arranged in their colours. Pretty cool stuff! I cant keep my eyes off it!

I love the red and the purple ones best, the colours are just amazing!


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