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Recently went to this amazing afternoon tea held by my lovely friend Kate at her place on Melbourne Cup Day. Everyone brought in some real tasty bites! There were this awesome fresh baked cob dips made by the host, my all time favourite jelly slice, mini cute bite size sausage rolls, beautiful cheeses, dips and crackers…..oh I want to go back on that day…


Well I contributed something too! I made one of my favorite cupcakes – mini chocolate cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting and some hidden strawberry purée inside! I also made poached chicken & chives sandwiches with home made mayonnaise! It was absolutely delicious! The home made mayo and fresh chives in this sandwich are the star components! I will post up that recipe soon!

This mini cheesecake with lemon curd on top is a perfect little treat for your morning tea, afternoon tea, desserts, breakfast………Just any time of the day really! I love my baked cheesecake by itself usually without any fruits but having the lemon curd in this cheesecake, just bring the whole thing to a different level! – its creamy, its refreshing, you wouldn’t be able to stop with just one of these minis! Please see my mini cheesecake post to get the recipe and get the lemon curd recipe from my strawberrt lemon tart post.


1. Make your lemon curd. Then follow the cheesecake recipe and after you have spoon the cheesecake mixture into the baking tray, spoon about a teaspoon of the lemon curd on top and use a toothpick and make the swirl pattern! Follow the instructions of the rest of the cheesecake recipe for baking time and how to store.


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