Recently discover this online cupcakes store Sugadeaux base in Melbourne, with flavours like the ‘hangover’ cupcake (cinnamon cupcake with maple syrup frosting and bacon crumbles), blood orange poppy, toffee apple, cosmopolitan, they are the cupcake store to look out for! Although Sugadeaux doesn’t have a store front yet, their cupcakes are available at selected cafes and you can order them online!

And this month for one day only 13th August (Friday)– Sugadeaux is offering a special sample pack of 5 cupcakes in 5 different flavours! Carmel popcorn, strawberry shortcake, licorice, salted caramel and chocolate crackle. They are available for purchase by pre-order for $20. I love the idea of the Carmel popcorn & strawberry shortcake cupcakes!